Monday, September 6, 2010

movie addicted !!

I just love both film, watched both Crows ZERO (2007) and Crows ZERO II (2009). Yakuza, gangster, alliance, diplomacy, pride, conquer, divide, fighting, kicking, blood, rock music, all high school student and all other stuff :)
Owh,, this movie is so interesting because..
~no killing

~no drugs
~no sex
~no xxx
~no kissing
~no gayish
hahahaha..simply a gangster movie. A great Japanese film! I can’t wait for Crows ZERO III now, revenge of the Housen high school! Enjoy the gallery of powerful gang in Suzuran All-Boys High School and Housen High School..

hurmm..i wonder if my college is like suzuran,,which one of those characters that i will be..??
of coz TAMAO SERIZAWA..hahahaha

suzuran all-boys high school..

~suzuran best army~

~housen best army~

this is me??

although the main character is TAKIYA GENJI.but i really like SERIZAWA..but maybe in crow zero 3 i cannot see anymore serizawa coz he already graduate from suzuran..but who know?? (mane tau kene repeat balik ke)hahahaha.. for guys out there,,you"ll be regret damn much if you didn't watch this movie yet..

can TAKIYA GENJI rule suzuran for the 1st time??
just wait and see..

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